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What's a forum and how do I get involved?

A candidate forum is a public event where candidates running for office are invited to express their positions on issues of importance to the community. Forums can be held for local, state, or federal elections, and they can be organized by a variety of groups, including political parties, civic organizations, and the media.


Candidate forums provide voters with an opportunity to learn about the candidates' qualifications, positions on the issues, and their plans for the future. They can also be a way for voters to ask questions of the candidates and get their views on specific issues.


Forums can be held in a variety of formats, including:

Panel discussions: In this format, the candidates are seated at a table and asked questions by a moderator.

Town hall meetings: In this format, the candidates are seated at a table and answer questions from the audience.


Open forums: In this format, the candidates are free to roam the room and interact with voters.

The format of the forum will depend on the goals of the organizers and the number of candidates.


Candidate forums are an essential part of the democratic process. They give voters a chance to learn about the candidates and make informed decisions about who to vote for.


Here are some of the benefits of attending a candidate forum:

  • You can learn about the candidates' positions on the issues that are important to you.

  • You can ask the candidates about their qualifications and plans for the future.

  • You can compare the candidates' views and decide who you think would be the best representative for you.

  • You can get involved in the political process and help shape your community's future.

If you are interested in attending a candidate forum, you can find out more information by contacting us.

Candidate Forum

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At NNWx, we believe that it is crucial to understand and engage with local government representatives. Our Candidate Night is designed to bring candidates closer to the community, promoting an open dialogue where voters can ask questions and express opinions. It is a unique opportunity to hear directly from the candidates themselves. We encourage everyone to sign up, regardless of political affiliation. NNWx's Candidate Night is an event open to all.

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